Cloud Infrastructure Security

The popularity and efficiency of on-premise software is declining and will eventually become obsolete. Teams need real-time access to information remotely. That’s where cloud solutions come in. Today, advancements in cloud security enable enterprises to securely store data beyond their physical environment. At Iron Vine, we deploy secure cloud-based solutions all over the globe. With our cloud solutions, you can collaborate securely and focus on making a tangible impact — no matter where you are.

What We Offer

Infrastructure Security Assessments

Your organization’s infrastructure is the backbone of your security. It’s critical that you know where you stand and where your vulnerabilities are. Our team is trained in performing comprehensive infrastructure security assessments, ensuring that your systems are as secure as possible.

Email Configuration

Email is often the starting point for malicious attacks that break the trust between you and your customers. We harden your email configurations to defend against the latest phishing and business email compromise attacks — ensuring the security and confidentiality of your communications.


Your organization isn’t automatically secure because you’ve moved your infrastructure and data to the cloud.  We implement advanced cloud technologies to give you real-time visibility into your cloud systems and applications.  These include cloud access security brokers (CASB) to enforce your security policies, virtual firewalls to inspect your cloud traffic, and network sensors to bring shadow IT applications to light.

Identity Management

Your data is your most important asset and identity management is essential when it comes to protecting it. Our team helps ensure that only those who need access to information have access.  We do this by employing robust identity management technologies such as password managers and single sign-on (SSO) solutions that streamline the authentication process, simplify provisioning, and ultimately reduce user friction.