Program Development

Your cybersecurity program is the first line of defense between adversaries and your most sensitive information. But it takes constant improvement to ensure that your team is keeping up with the latest security advancements. At Iron Vine, we develop and run full-scale security programs for our commercial and federal government clients.

A typical
development engagement includes:

  • Evaluation and redesign of perimeter firewalls and routers

  • Introduction of new systems for continuous vulnerability management and configuration management

  • New technologies to improve security for remote access, content filtering, wireless, encryption, and mobile & BYOD computing

  • 360° Program Review including risk assessments of overall current program, new technologies, facilities, and approaches

  • Development of comprehensive policies consistent with your organization’s risk management approach

  • Compliance with regulatory directives (FISMA, HIPAA, etc.)

  • Privacy Program development

  • New training material including automated training delivery

What We Offer


Policy is your authority and the foundation of your security program. A good security policy aligns infrastructure investment, reduces vulnerabilities, and unites people, processes, and products to decrease the possibility of an incident. We partner with you to develop comprehensive policies consistent with your organization’s unique risk management approach.


A successful risk management program is built on strong governance and processes. It must also be supported by effective training programs for both end users and system administrators. At Iron Vine, we help minimize vulnerabilities through continuous monitoring. Our expert team re-engineers perimeter and internal systems, while introducing new technologies to manage and monitor your security controls.

and Authorization

Federal agencies are required by the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) to understand the severity of security risks. This act also requires agencies to take action to mitigate these risks. Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A) is a proven methodology that helps teams evaluate security environments. Our professionals are trained to ensure that your operations are compliant and meet the latest NIST standards.


FISMA requires that all federal agencies adapt and implement NIST procedures for the categorization and security assessment of their systems. We leverage a practical and intentional approach to adopt and implement controls based on your specific mission. We’ll work alongside your stakeholders to ensure compliance without restricting your agency’s ability to accomplish objectives.

Security Awareness
and Training

Education is the first step toward comprehensive security. Our experts have successfully built award-winning information system security programs, compliant with federal laws, regulations and guidelines for numerous agencies. We’ll partner with you to provide continuous cybersecurity education.

and Configuration

Attackers look for networks that are immediately vulnerable. With this in mind, our team identifies existing vulnerabilities in your infrastructure as part of our 360° Program Review. After our initial assessment, we develop a unique management plan. As a result, your team receives a simplified, consistent process so you can create, organize and maintain management tasks.


An effective privacy program is compliant with current laws and can scale over time as an organization evolves. But creating a privacy program is no easy task. It’s not enough to have a general awareness for relevant guidelines — your privacy program must also establish proactive strategies for the future. At Iron Vine, we have years of experience in privacy program development. We leverage this experience to ensure that your privacy policies meet current regulations while giving you the ability to adapt over time.