Controls Testing

Security controls testing is a critical component of overall risk management. It’s imperative that enterprises verify the effectiveness of security controls, and secure gaps where necessary. At Iron Vine, our award-winning team helps organizations assess security controls and make the needed improvements as fast as possible.

What We Offer


Blindspots create major problems for organizations. It’s simple: you don’t know what you don’t know. Penetration testing proactively identifies and expels these vulnerabilities. Our Red Team penetration testing is comprehensive and applies proven methodologies and tools that simulate real-world attack scenarios. After we discover vulnerabilities, we provide the insights needed to mitigate weaknesses, patch gaps, and keep out adversaries.


Today’s widespread threats require constant attention. Continuous monitoring is a risk management process that uses automated data feeds to provide unparalleled visibility into an enterprise’s entire security posture. Our team can help you gain visibility into your threats in near real-time, enabling you to take action faster than ever.


Risk assessments are an important step in securing your networks. Based on your needs, our structured risk assessments can be tailored to meet your organization’s requirements, ensuring business goals align with security goals. We leverage a proprietary 360° Program Review to holistically assess your environment and present a comprehensive overview of your risks. From there, we will partner with you to develop and execute an action plan to strengthen your controls and security posture.