Security Operations Center Management

Your SOC provides proactive security against the most sophisticated threats. It’s the heartbeat of your  defense. But as adversaries evolve, it becomes more challenging for your team to manage the day-to-day operations of your SOC. At Iron Vine, we offer innovative, hands-on SOC Management services — so your IT team can spend more time focusing on other tasks.

What We Offer

Incident Management
and Response

It’s not if your network will be breached, but when. When a breach does happen, it’s important to respond fast and effectively, to mitigate the damage. We provide complete incident management and response services to help you rapidly resolve cyber incidents, and proactively prevent data breaches, malware, and unauthorized access. Our team will work with you to determine the root cause and recover as quickly as possible.

Monitoring and Analysis

We employ a comprehensive network monitoring and analysis program.  We build custom network sensors and strategically place them throughout your network to continuously monitor network activity. Sensor data is analyzed by a sophisticated SIEM platform to quickly identify and alert you to suspicious activity. Our tools and processes are designed to maximize visibility, enable the most accurate picture of network activity, and deliver the most complete intrusion analysis.

Threat Intelligence

Good threat intelligence is the foundation for proactively identifying and preventing attacks. It’s the result of organizing, analyzing and refining relevant information to stay one step ahead. Often, teams are overwhelmed with indicators and false positives, and faced with significant challenges to determine which threats matter, and which are just noise. Fortunately, we can reduce manual effort for your team — to help you leverage threat intelligence to identify relevant threats, prioritize responses, and create a proactive and effective defense.


At Iron Vine, we help organizations inspect and deconstruct malware to determine the potential impact on an enterprise. We work to understand the threat actor’s tools, techniques and processes, determine the origin of a malware attack, and take proactive action to mitigate the impact of future attacks. Our team of forensic experts provides insight into critical attack vectors and methodologies to provide a complete picture of cyber threats and build a more proactive defense.

Threat Hunting

Cyber threat hunting involves proactively searching through networks to identify threats that currently elude an enterprise’s security solutions. These are often advanced and malicious threats that bypass firewalls, SIEMs, and more traditional defenses. We leverage an innovative cyber threat hunting methodology to proactively identify even the most advanced threats.