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Imagine a workplace where you can grow, take risks, face the biggest challenges, and make a measurable impact, all at the same time. That place exists, and it’s Iron Vine. Browse our current career opportunities and help us strengthen our roots.

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A Place to Grow

Culture is more than a few photos and an annual kickball game. It’s an attitude, a mindset — the result of countless small steps taken each day. At Iron Vine, we’re proud to let our culture speak for itself. Our goal was to create the company we always wanted to work for. From personal and professional development to competitive benefits, our dedication to employees is reflected in our actions.

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The “who we are” speech. Every company has one but not every company tells you they set out to build “a company we would want to work for.” It seems obviously simple, but who really does that? Each of the founding partners has worked hard to fulfill that promise. Working with each of them has inspired me to better myself both in and outside the office. Simply put, Iron Vine has created and continues to foster a culture of business and family that so many organizations strive to attain.

– Thomas Robinson III

When I interviewed, I was promised opportunity, training, and a great work-life balance. Though I was skeptical, I’ve enjoyed this and more. What stands out is how much the management team cares about me and my career goals. When my family had to move, the team found me a new role that continued to move my career forward, even following up to see how I was doing. I’m fortunate to work with talented professionals, many of whom I now call friends. I’m truly excited for my future with Iron Vine.

– Melissa Wilkerson

Working at Iron Vine has been an incredible opportunity to deliver high quality services to a variety of clients here and abroad. I’ve gained valuable cybersecurity experience that’s enabled me to grow professionally. I have access to a wealth of resources that encourage my success including trainings, security conferences, and community events. I’m optimistic about my future here and am fully confident that Iron Vine will continue to demonstrate why it’s a leader in the cybersecurity field.

– Joe Battista

Each day that I show up for work at Iron Vine, I know that I’ve been placed into a position of success. The leadership here gives us the resources we need to do our jobs well while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and I’m often encouraged to pursue ideas I’ve suggested, which makes the job challenging and interesting. From the respect we receive daily, to how this company has helped me to elevate my career, accepting a position here years ago was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

– Holly Faust

Current Opportunities

Security Controls Assessor - Senior
Location: Washington, DC
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Cyber Project Integration Manager
Location: Bethesda, MD
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Senior Security Engineer
Location: Washington, DC
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Senior Security Engineer (Splunk)
Location: Baltimore, MD
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SOC Analyst - Mid Level
Location: Woodlawn, MD
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SOC Tier 1
Location: Washington, DC
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