Iron Vine Continues to Strengthen Partnership with SCIF Nepal in 2022

At Iron Vine, we are committed to supporting the greater global community whenever possible. Our work with U.S. international agencies has taken us to many countries worldwide, including Nepal.

In 2012, a massive earthquake struck Nepal and displaced countless children. Due to this, the government placed these children in local orphanages. One of the orphanages was the SCFI (Supporting Children Initiative Foundation) orphanage in Kathmandu. Initially, SCIF was established by Basanta Nepali to help his paralyzed sister, who had fallen from a banana tree during a work accident. Basanta was asked to bring in more children, despite not having any money. As a result, he relied on donations and volunteer work to support the growing orphanage.

In 2018, Iron Vine, while on assignment in Nepal, met Basanta and visited the SCIF orphanage. We were immediately inspired by the children and staff. The orphanage consisted of seven boys and six girls, ranging in age from three to ten years old. We learned that both the girls and boys share a single bedroom and all attend private schools. After meeting the children and learning more about the orphanage, we began a lasting partnership with SCIF to provide support with laptops, jackets, toys, supplies, and other assistance.

Since 2018, Iron Vine has helped SCIF by purchasing and installing a clean drinking water system for the property. In 2019, Iron Vine employees Troy Brown, Conrad Pheng, and Robert Heffernan personally delivered laptops for the children to help them complete their homework and online research. We’ve also donated winter clothes for their annual winter project. In 2020, the children moved into a bigger home.

For this year’s winter project, we bought warm carpets for their study rooms, purchased new school uniforms for the older kids and winter clothes for the children. We also supplied the home with electric heaters, a study table, and a dresser drawer. In addition, we purchased supplies for the orphanage’s pet dog. This year’s winter project was a success and SCIF continues to take strides in helping and developing these special children.

We’re thankful for our relationship with SCIF and look forward to continuing our partnership in 2022 and beyond. If you would like more information or want to help out, please contact us or visit their website